In 1979 the Minersville Area Lions Club built a picnic pavilion adjacent to the recreation and pool area that the club had been instrumental in developing.

The pavilion is used by the club for meetings in the warmer months and is available for rental by individuals and groups for all day or evening use.

There are permanent outdoor grilling facilities, seating for over 200 people, electrical service for lights and 6 20-amp circuits for food related warmers and appliances. A 3-tap refrigerated beer-meister is available which can also be used as a beverage cooler if the taps are not being used. Cold running water is available and there are tiled, enclosed men's and women's restrooms with flush toilets and sinks.

A large grassy area surrounds the pavilion with sufficient space for multiple physical activities. Horseshoe pits are set in place and the borough ball fields, walking track, and swimming pool are adjacent to the pavilion. In 2006 we doubled the size of the paved parking area to alleviate shortages. Tables have been refinished to their original oak and varnished beauty.

There are 19 picnic tables that seat 8 to 10 people and several food service tables. The paved parking lot can accommodate 71 vehicles. The roof overhang prevents rain from spoiling the fun and keeps the table area dry.

All-day rental is available from mid-May through the end of September. Rental cost is $200.00 for all day rental. Borough noise restrictions require closing the pavilion no later than 10:00 p.m.

Insurance regulations require that you sign a contract detailing your responsibilities and our obligations. If you serve alcoholic beverages at any event, be aware that you are responsible for complying with all state regulations concerning the dispensing of alcohol.

Each renter will be provided with large, lined trash containers. You will be responsible for cleaning up and removing all trash containers to the storage cage. You are not permitted to leave food behind, even in the trash barrels.

The pavilion is accessed by a dirt road that begins at the end of the 400 block of Church Street in Minersville, PA. This can be used as a GPS locator and the pavilion is visible on the Google Maps website.

Availability dates are shown in the following 3 calendars for the next 3 years. The dates shown are updated weekly but will change rapidly in the Spring and early Summer.

Note: Deposits are non-refundable except when we are able to re-rent the pavilion for the same date as the cancellation.

To reserve the pavilion, use e-mail to:
     (include desired date of rental, address and phone number of the responsible person, and remit $100.00 deposit as soon as possible),

by phone to:
     Charles Moran (570) 617-7600

by mail to:
     Minersville Lions Pavilion
     c/o Charles Moran
     6 South 2nd Street
     Minersville, PA 17954


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